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Liaoning Yi Xing Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a collection of entrepreneurial enterprises of high speed railway infrastructure and R & D, production and sales of Materials City Rail Transit and rail technology, 2016 listing the new four board in Shenzhen Qianhai equity trading center, listing Code: 668115, officially entered the capital market. Headquarters and R & D base located in the beautiful coast of Bohai City, Liaoning city of Panjin Province - tsurusato, and the establishment of branches in all parts of the country.
Yixing industry through the unremitting efforts of all staff has been formed based on the northeast, in-depth strategic pattern of the country, and by the quality and signed a technology transfer contract as the starting point, to carry out the relevant technical research and quality, hospital, Northeastern University, Harbin Institute of Technology, the establishment of iron industry leading technology advantage. So far, has more than 15 major production bases, distributed in more than and 10 provinces of China, formed a nationwide production base and sales network, timely and efficiently to provide products and related technical service to customers.
Since its inception, has been adhering to the path of professional development, as well as the leading level of technical development, excellent product quality to win the market. After years of development, Yixing industry has laid the domestic high-speed rail, subway industry leading position. Continue to seek new development, and large enterprises China railway, railway construction, Chinese cccg, Chinese building and other countries by the high-speed rail lines and subway lines, such as Lan Xinxian, Harbin Dalian, Shanghai Kunming line, Shenyang Dandong line, the Beijing Shanghai line, line of Guiyang Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang Wuhan line, Shenyang subway, subway Changchun Dalian subway, Harbin subway, etc. under the hundreds of construction project department to carry out a comprehensive in-depth cooperation, some products and services even in full, has accumulated rich experience in construction, the new construction technology, and received critical acclaim.
The company's products are mainly in two aspects:
First, in the construction of high-speed railway and subway products and related technical services, the main products: high performance concrete concrete block, chemical products: caulks, primer, additives, waterproof materials and insulation materials, metal products, steel sleeve connection, grounding terminal, pre buried channel, plastic products: track plate lifting clamp, insulating sleeve, all kinds of concrete fiber etc..
The second is to build high-speed rail and subway maintenance products and related technical services, mainly has the fine adjustment technology of ballastless track plate ballastless track service, repair and maintenance of related products and related technical services, bridge and tunnel maintenance products and related technical services, city rail transit maintenance products and related technical services; and by the professional construction team of specialized construction or auxiliary construction according to customer requirements.
The whole process of monitoring the implementation of all the company's products, each product and technical services to achieve full traceability, to ensure product quality and reliable service, advanced production technology, advanced technology, strict quality management system and passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.
Companies adhere to the "science and technology is the first productivity", build the core competitiveness of enterprises with advanced technology, the enterprise has always been at the forefront of the industry, but also laid the foundation for the future development of enterprises, attaches great importance to corporate culture and image, in the development of continuous improvement of enterprise culture, and establish a good social image.
The company established the visit and investigation system, and always carry out to the whole process of marketing, updated products and service in a timely manner according to the requirements of customers, on the basis of quality assurance to meet customer requirements, faster and better for customer service, gradually improve the company's marketing strategy to meet the needs of different customers!
Yixing industry from domestic competition to the height of enterprise development strategy, strengthen learning enterprise culture; method innovation, integration of all available resources, and strive to become one of the high iron and city rail transportation industry influential and brand enterprises, become the industry leader with high iron, high iron in China out of Asia, into the world.
The future of Yixing industry will be adhering to the "hundred years of standing industrial business" business philosophy, the enterprise made business in this industry steadily, go farther, our tomorrow will be more brilliant!

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